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January 6, 2009

Ten on Tuesday

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It’s Ten on Tuesday time!

10 Things You Want to do in 2009 :

  1. Save & invest more of my money. I will contribute monthly to my RRSP instead of yearly. Continue with m CSB. And open up another investment account. I know I am lucky to live at home, so I’m milkin’ it while I can!
  2. Work as much overtime as I can when it is offered, especially in the summertime
  3. Save up my PTO (paid-time-off days) for a nice trip next winter
  4. Stop being such a lazy bum, stop procrastinating, and become more active (this will prove more difficult for me considering I do work a sedentary job)
  5. Get to the beach more often this summer; work on a good tan
  6. Continue with my reading list for 2009
  7. Volunteer more than I do; give back to the community
  8. Redesign and organize my bedroom – And I mean new paint and that whole shee-bang! And new dressers. The ones I have now are hand me downs from my mother, pretty much antiques (of no value). They’re great, of course, especially considering how frugal I can be… until they fall apart. And I have drawers full of random crap (maybe that’s why they’re broken!) But I don’t even go into them, I don’t know what’s in there! There’s no reason for this and should be completely cleaned out. I need to think minimalist.
  9. Learn to build on the friendships I already have with my girlfriends and also, strike up conversations with strangers, (possible new friendships).
  10. I know there’s something else I want to do this year! Oh yea, well I’ve been looking at crafts online! They’re this Big Ass Book of Crafts book I want to get. Oh and photography as well – as that it one of my New Years Resolutions, to take more pictures. 

Now I just have to find the time for all this. Each and every one listed are realistic and attainable so I know I can do it! And it’s over the span of one year! Hell yea! That’s nothing! Thanks for a motivational list Yano!

Happy New Year Everyone!

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Something to know about me: I love words. This is actually just a new found love as of late. Admittedly, I have never really enjoyed words as much as I do now. Perhaps not being in school anymore (ie. High School or university) has something to do with it, especially where as I am eager to learn! And now, where I am no longer in an environment that encourages and soley focuses on this sort of behavior, I really have to depend on myself to keep learning continuously, now that I am no longer in an education institution of any kind.

I work an eight hour job, seven days a week – if not more, – and it is merely words that bring an elatedness to my day. I am constantly jotting down unfamiliar or uncertain words, checking its pronunciation using online dictionaries. I always have a pen and paper handy, otherwise my iPod Touch will do the trick, and either in conversation or reading novels and articles, I will take note of a word and look it up immediately or go back to it shortly after. This is just one of my few goals for 2009, which is to expand my vocabulary.

As was previously mentioned, expanding my vocabulary is one of many other New Year’s resolutions. The following are other resolutions I have set for myself, and they are:

  1. Take more pictures – which means charge my camera regularly. I miss cameras that just took measly ‘ol AA batteries
  2. Learn to cook 
  3. Read more than I already do – I’ve created a reading list on my facebook, which I will post here later.
  4. Go to the gym – enough said. 
  5. Take a crash course on my car (ie, learn how to open the hood and check oil, etc) 
  6. Think before talking; be more considerate of others feelings & how they may perceive me
  7. Have a blog 
  8.  Become devoted to a couple memes during the week
  9. Be more tidy & organized  
  10. Expand my vocabulary – look out for my Wednesday Words: new words I’ve learned, displayed here on a weekly basis. 
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