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March 9, 2009

My New (Mini) Home Gym

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 Good Afternoon and Happy Monday!

I just got my new treadmill from Sears a couple days ago, set it all up on Saturday night (it wasn’t that easy), and tried it out Sunday night. I love it! I did another 20 minutes on it this morning. Yesterday I also bought a Bally fitness “deluxe ” package from Walmart which consists of a fitness ball, two 2lb weights, two different resistance bands, and an instructional dvd. I think I’m going to like this working out at home. 

I use to be a member of the YMCA; the premium locker room with the steam room, whirl pool, and towels! I loved the steam room. But I really hate lugging all my stuff to the gym, shower stuff, clothes to change into before I go to work – and sometimes I forget things, like a bra! Ugh. So it was just really not motivating. I finally puchased my treadmill and a few things to work out with at home and so far I’m loving it! This is what the items look like:




I’m also very much in love with these shoes!! Check them out.

Finally, in response to Snarkland’s question, when I was younger, I was terrified of flies. Yes, those innocent, non-threatening, buzzing little insects. I would lie awake in bed under the sheets because they were flying around my lamp. Or they’d be on the window of a door and I’d be too afraid to open it because I thought they’d all attack me. 

Have a great week!

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